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Carol's Cats
Carol's Cats is a family run organization dedicated to the rescue and adoption of feral and abandoned cats. We are located in Hillsborough, New Jersey. Carol's Cats have been rescuing and giving cats up for adoption since 1995.

After we rescue the cat it is tested for leukemia and then given a complete physical by a veterinarian, including all necessary inoculations (distemper and rabies). Cats are then brought home for lots of love and hands-on therapy prior to the adoption.

After a thorough screening process, the cat will move to his/her new home. All adoptions include follow-up phone calls to make sure all is going smoothly and advice is given if needed.

If you would like to adopt a kitten click here or call Carol's Cats at 908-874-4660. We are always searching for potential foster families, please inquire.

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What is a Feral Cat?
Feral means "gone wild." Feral cats can be the off spring of stray or abandoned domestic cats who have reverted to a wild state.